• What strategies do you have in place for your music to take further heights?

    “Ironically, in my first few months of producing EDM, I was picked up and signed to a German label called ‘Identity Records’, under my previous stage name; A duo named ‘Haywire & Shrozeph’. I released a lot of music under Identity Records, but eventually the sound I was getting at felt too basic and I took time off releasing music for around 4 years, ensuring that the next time I decide to start releasing frequently again, the music I make will be able to compete at a high international level.

    Other than quality assurance, I began to be more open to collaborate with vocalists, which I didn’t do much of in the past, as EDM often doesn’t feature vocals. I’ve been able to make timeless songs with some local artisits such as Luzio, Mungo, YeahIKnow and some international artists that I’ve never met physically, such as Xtina Jewel and Lemario.”

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